2007 Reviews

"Two more CDs now follow five previous ones in the first three volumes that have provided an unprecedented opportunity to set Scott alongside his British contemporaries such as  Ireland, Bax and Bridge, all in performances where De’Ath has shown himself to be the ideal exponent."

Peter Dickinson, The  Gramophone, August 2007

"De’Ath (on the sprightliest form yet in this series, I fancy) is quite right that there’s plenty here that deserves fresh hearing...... 
Purchasers of the previous  volumes needn’t hesitate."

Calum MacDonald, BBC Music Magazine, August 2007

Reviews of the series generally

"De’Ath knows an impressive amount about Scott, as his erudite and informative liner notes attest.

Calum MacDonald,  BBC Music Magazine, October 2006

"Gone Cyril Scott may be but forgotten, well, probably not – not even during the arid  days of his near total absence from the catalogues. Things have now changed with regard to Scott and this is especially true of Leslie De’Ath and Dutton’s presentation of the solo piano works."

Jonathan Woolf,  MusicWeb International

"Tremendous  achievement to have got this far and in such style."

Lewis  Foreman, email to De'Ath, Dec.6, 2006 (after  vol.4)