The Ballad of Fair Helen of Kirkconnel   

  • 1900
  • for baritone and orchestra

Rima's Call to the Birds — scena for soprano and orchestra        

  1. Moderato – Allegro con spirito – Allegro moderato ed improvisatore – 
  2. Allegro con spirito - Broadly    
  • c1929        
  • 1933        Elkin [1852 – pf reduction]    [15’ CS]
  • ‘Oolah, oolah……. / Oh, ye lovely ones’  [‘Ulah, ulah…… / Kommt, Ihr Lieblichen.’]
  • Text:  Cyril Scott?  (from W.H. Hudson, Green Mansions)
  • Dedicated to:  Gertrude Johnson
  • [**p / 233 (252)b] 
  • MS:  holograph of PV score with estate
  • Note:  The PV holograph contains the text in English and German.  Although no German title is found, many musical markings also appear in German, as well as Italian.  Scott may have hoped that Schott would pick up the score too, but no score is known to have been published by them.