Calling all recording artists and performers of Cyril Scott's music:

I am in the process of launching the new official Cyril Scott website.

Please review the site in its entirety and inform me of any errors or omissions. There are bound to be many at this point!

I have included all the CDs I have been able to find — all of which are listed on the complete Discography page by year of release. If your CD is not included please inform me and please forward the relevant information.


I would like also to link each of the pieces played with the corresponding listing in the Complete Works section of the site, accompanied by audio tracks and score samples.

Chandos and Naxos have been wonderful about supplying audio samples. Hats off to them!

Please speak to your various publishers and request that they send audio samples to my attention.



In many cases where people are performing arrangements of works by Cyril Scott, I have not been able to determine by whom the arrangement has been done, and for this reason I have not always been able to represent or feature your CD accurately.


Please let me know of any upcoming concerts, lectures, book publications or CD releases you would like featured on the site. I'll do my best to promote your work.



Under Discography, I have created various pages featuring as many artists as I have been able to contact. If you feel you should be featured or if the information posted is inaccurate, please let me know! 

I'm particularly interested in knowing what draws you to the work of Cyril Scott.


Many thanks to everyone who is or has been working to promote the music, writings of Cyril Scott. Each of you will be thanked and featured on our Acknowledgements page — it is, as yet, woefully incomplete but that will soon change!


Amanta Scott


Cyril Scott and Baltasar Samper

We are currently looking for information about the connection between Cyril Scott and Baltasar Samper, Catalonian musician who died in exile in Mexico. Samper was instrumental in introducing many of the works of Cyril Scott to Spanish audiences.

Read an interesting article on Baltasar Samper here