Karma Suite, arr

  1. Prologue and Barbaric Dance
  2. The Piper in the Desert
  3. A Song from the East
  4. Before the Church
  5. Souvenir de Vienne

Elkin, 1924
dedicated to André Charlot
London: Elkin, 1924

Klavierstucke:  1ste Ballade in D moll 

Allegro energico

  • May 1898            unpublished        3’30”
  • (Frankfurt-am-Main)
  • Dedicated:  “This to my fellow student Percy Grainger in remembrance of the “Pfeifender Reiter.  Frankfurt-Main 1898.”
  • HM:  Grainger Museum, Melbourne[MG C2/SCO-49]
  • Note:  Together with the Ballade in the holograph is a one-page, 8-bar fragment of a vocal solo with chorus, labeled “Sydney Jones & Meir Scott.  To Percy Grainger”, and dated Feb.16, 1899.  The text is “Lucy, I love you.  Don’t cry, I’ll meet you in the morning.”  Presumably unrelated to the piano work.