Other transcriptions

Robert Schumann-  Concerto for cello and orchestra

III-  Sehr lebhaft

  • Dedicated to:  Leila Howell
  • MS:  holograph of cello part (11p) with estate
  • Note:  Scott arranged and edited the solo cello part of this movement for a young cellist, Leila Howell.  No background information is available to determine date or circumstances, but it is likely that this was done at Howell’s request.  Some alterations reducenthe difficulty of the part, and seem designed to accommodate a small hand.  Other changes (added trills, rests filled in) add brilliance to the solo writing, and on occasion tamper with the line chromatically.  A sprawling cadenza has also been added, seemingly gratuitously, as if to transform the movement into something more traditionally virtuosic.